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Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar
Whether at home in Hawaii or travelling with the world's best free surfers and World Tour vets, Doner's distinct style and incredible swimming put you right in the line-up.

Raising The Bar gives you a perspective that only a few select have ever experienced until now. Whether you're a surfer who wants to feel the drama and power of the best surf in the world or just someone who wonders what the reality of the alpha-male set at the best breaks in the world is truly like, Raising The Bar sets a new standard in surf cinematography that will make your heart stick in your throat and leave you wanting to towel off afterwards.

The best surfers in the world; the best breaks in the world; the most intense cinematography that you'll see this year: J.D. and Double Vision Films not set the standard, but Raises The Bar for what's possible in the water!

Shot on location in: Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia

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